Lapis Lazuli

  1. Described as the stone of Gods (Higher consciousness).
  2. A revered messenger from heaven.
  3. It consists of Aluminum silicate
  4. Represents mother earth.
  5. The oldest spiritual stone.
  6. A think tank stone.
  7. It has been a symbol of power and royal dignity.
  8. A mental healer.
  9. A soul purifier.
  10. A spiritual cleanser.
  11. Creates mental and emotional stability.
  12. Releases the Karmic wounds and pains.
  13. Cures and dispels melancholy sadness.
  14. Controls intermittant malarial fever.
  15. Alleviates the pain of eyes.
  16. Cures epilepsy and skin problems.
  17. Grants honour and success to wearer.
  18. Fill with courage and confidence.
  19. A magnificent opaque royal blue stone containing traces of pyrite, calcite or gold
  20. It was mainly used by the royalty and priests in Egupt.
  21. Wearer will be endowed with wisdom, insight and good judgement.
  22. A stimulator of psychic abilities.
  23. Associated with power, wisdom and love.
  24. An excellent executive stone (wear it or carry it in the pocket).

Cost of pencil type Rs.160.00 per one, tumbled stone Rs. 200.00 per one, Lapiz Lazuli Globe is Rs.1500.00 + postage