Aventurine (greem quartz amd Jade)
  1. Either green, blue or red.
  2. Is an opportunity stone
  3. Increase the perceptions.
  4. It brings luck in the games of changes. Have a piece on you when you trying your luck.
  5. Jade is a very popular stone frequently used in China for healing.
  6. Inspires the mind to take quick and precise decision.
  7. Assures a long life and peaceful death.
  8. Have a jade or aventurine in the right hand while doing business transactions for effective results.
  9. Place a piece of Jade on your table for phragmatic results.
  10. Calm and quieting
  11. Overall healing and balancing
  12. Relieve migraines
  13. Used effectively against parkinson's disease along with amethyst.
  14. Light green colour of the jade and green quartz brings coolness.
  15. Brings down unnecessary out bursts of anger.

Cost of Pencil type- 4cm is Rs.160per one+postage, 3cm Rs.120 per one+postage